Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Buried Treasures

(this was posted last week, but blogger ate it so I'm trying to recreate that post)

I just used a garden hoe.  After years of pulling weeds by hand, the lightning-fast results were really remarkable.  My hoe, a fancy Swiss-made Glaser Stirrup Hoe kind of pulls and slices weeds with a gentle back-and-forth movement.  Other brands call this style of cultivator a "hula hoe" or "stirrup hoe."  Anway, it's a cool, easy to use tool that is incredibly well crafted.  I'm not sure why I had never used one before.  For example, maybe, back when I purchased said hoe.  NINE. YEARS. AGO. 

You see, I bought the hoe, which came in two pieces, and then when I arrived at home I realized that I didn't have the screw to connect the two pieces.  I set it aside, intending to get a replacement screw.  Time went on and I put off getting the screw.  Bags and boxes were piled on top of the hoe, and I simply forgot that I even owned it.  (In my defense, it was in my shed---my scary garden shed that is infested with black widows.  My scary garden shed that is infested with black widows and gets to be about 10,000 degrees hot in the summer when I really need the hoe.  My dark, stinky, scary garden shed....  Well, you get the picture.) So, anyway, now that it is out in the light of day, I'm finding it pretty useful.  It's best for my paths, since the plants in my beds are rather close together and unevenly spaced.  It feels kind of like rubbing a long-handled eraser on the weeds growing in my pathways, and goodness knows I have a lot of weeds that need erasing! 

Who forgets buying a top-of-the line garden tool that they had coveted in garden catalog for months?  The same person who uncovered the hoe in the process of also discovering that she already owned more than half of what she needed to set up a drip system for her garden, that's who.

I should probably feel really embarrassed about my past wastefulness, but mostly I feel like twenty-something me has given thirty-something  me a couple of early birthday presents.  I'm too busy grinning (and weeding... and weeding...  to properly hang my head in shame. 

True Story.

Oh, and the screw I needed? It set me back a whopping EIGHTEEN cents.


  1. Hmm... I had just decided I should get rid of our stirrup hoe (not new and shiny - old and handed down from my grandfather), because I don't really "get it" and have never used it. You're making me rethink that...

  2. Hah! So funny. My husband just cleaned the garage and found our version of the same hoe. We call it a french hoe for some reason?

  3. I haven't heard of that name for it before! I wonder where all of the different names for it come from? There's another hoe called a French wire hoe that some australian company sells (I wonder if either hoe is even used in France? LOL.)

  4. I have a picture of Monet in his garden with one so guess so.

    It's funny where the names derive from. You would probably love Alan Titchmarsh who used to do gardening programs for the BBC.

  5. Oh you made me laugh. You sound like me. At least you don't have to also remember to send twenty something you any thank you notes for the gifts ;-)

  6. Thank you notes? Oh my goodness, yes. I am so terribly bad at sending thank you notes. Not actually bad at writing them, just the mailing part!(if you are reading this and sent me a gift sometime in the last 20 years: Thank you. I'm grateful, and sorry for my flakiness.)

    Thanks for the link to the BBC gardening thing. I do think it is up my alley. And now I'll think of my hoe as a Monet hoe... maybe it will make weeding feel all romantic and artistic?

  7. I wish I could get a screw for 18 cents. Especially for my hoe.

    If this comment does not make it on the post, I will completely understand.

    Hope all is well!

  8. You don't know how many times I tried to think of some non-obvious way to use to avoid using those words, but "cylindrical fastener for my long-handled weeding implement" was kind of long-winded

    Um, if you need a cylindrical metal fastener for YOUR long-handled weeder, I suggest going to Ace Hardware. That's all we're talking about here, right? (don't answer that)