Saturday, May 21, 2011

I love green

Is it really a surprise that green is my favorite color? 

I'm soothed by the muted, greenish greyish tones of santolina and yarrow
If I were to pick a paint color for my kitchen (which is something I totally need to do!) I'd look to the leaves of my fava beans

 Or maybe take hints from the bokeh that forms in the background when I snap photos of my French Lavender flowers -- or the softer color of its stems.
Sage's leaves, covered with a bumpy topographic map of veins, call to me more than the smoother, brighter leaves of calendula
Carrots and potatoes have brighter, more lively greens that seem to shout "we're alive!"  They aren't colors I'd paint with or be likely to wear, but I love the hopeful vigor that they exude

 This morning though, I'm more excited about a color that isn't quite as green.  It isn't this Red Russian Kale (though I really like the way its pinkish purples contrast with its greens (what color-blind gardener decided to call this plant red, anyway?)

It's this... and the parts of it that are a little less green than they were yesterday.  The parts that are yellowing, and even, (dare I say it?) taking on a very faint hint of orange.  Yes, I like these colors very, very much.


  1. Wonderful and lovely blog. Keep rocking

  2. The amazing-ness of nature continues to thrill me too!! Those vivid foliage colors are sublime for sure! Ours are looking great now. .but in a short while, when the temps soar and the drought continues as they suggest it will, they won't be nearly as glamorous as they are now!! A great reason to take pictures! Our garden is planted too, with some of the same lovely foliage! Enjoy!

  3. Great blog and pictures! I love green as well. I love spring when all the leaves turn green. I am not liking the weather now all the leaves are gone and snow is coming. I guess I could say I love green and hate white!

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